Week 4: Chinese Peking Duck

peking duck
This week’s dish.
Photo from: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/9373/pot+sticker+dumplings
Photo from: http://www.otwaypork.com.au/cms/great-recipes/chow-mein-with-noodles/
Photo from: https://artifactsjournal.missouri.edu/2014/03/the-legend-behind-zongzi/

Ni hao! This week’s cultural food is peking duck. Peking duck is so popular that it is available at almost any Chinese restaurant you go to. Every time I go to a Chinese restaurant for a special occasion I  would always suggest to order peking duck, it is a family favourite that has been prepared ever since the imperial era. If you have never had peking duck it is basically strips of roasted duck, shredded vegetables, and hoisin sauce all wrapped together in a unsweetened pancake called mandarin pancake. This dish is basically like a asian taco if you really think about it. The duck is perfectly marinated because they are seasoned 65 days before being roasted and hanged. More authentic forms of this dish mainly serve the skin, because people actually prefer the skin over the meat since it is prized for its crispiness.

This dish is quite healthy because nothing is deep fried or too fattening. Peking duck is beneficial to our heath because it can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease because of this one special ingredient, and that ingredient is red yeast rice which is used to add colour and flavour. This additive has been used for thousands of years as a herbal medicine that is good for the heart. I must say that this dish is quite filling, that is only if you have about 5 pieces or more if it counts as a meal. Here is  a tip, try to eat the mandarin pancake while it is still warm and fresh, or else the dish itself will not be as good.

I grew up eating Chinese food, and I must say that peking duck would have to be one of the most favoured dishes. Today I would like to share some dishes that I have always cherished, in my opinion it is better to cook these dishes at home because the majority Chinese restaurants use MSG. The recipes will be listed down below:




Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Please feel free to comment down below on what cultural food you would like me to try and review.


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